What You'll Learn in the ABR® Course

Buyer Representation Agreements and Buyer Counseling Sessions

Navigate Each Step of the Buyer Side Transaction Process

Communicating Your Value as A Buyer's Representative

Learn how to create a buyer representation agreement, conduct a successful buyer consultation, and communicate your value to clients. 

Understand every piece of the transaction puzzle, including the search-showing-selection process, offers and negotiations, appraisals,  and closing on the property.

This course covers how you can promote yourself in the buyer's market as a buyer's rep and grow your business using ABR® designee member benefits.

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Live Virtual | Instructor-Led (no cost)
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*Registration closed* April 15–16, 2024 with Rick Harris*Registration closed* April 29–30, 2024 with Lynn Madison
*Registration closed* May 13–14, 2024 with Brett Brown
*Registration closed* May 20–21, 2024 with Lynn Madison
*Registration closed* June 4–5, 2024 with Melanie Gamble
*Registration closed* June 17–18, 2024 with Kimberly Allard
*Registration closed* July 1–2, 2024 with Brent Lancaster
July 15–16, 2024 with Tamara Suminski
July 30–31, 2024 with Matthew Rathbun
August 6–7, 2024 with Michelle BehrendtAugust 13–14, 2024 with Zola Szerencses
September 10–11, 2024 with Holly MaberrySeptember 24–25, 2024 with Socar Chatmon-Thomas
October 1–2, 2024 with Sabrina Brown
October 15–16, 2024 with Shane Mask
October 28–29, 2024 with Melanie McLane
November 13–14, 2024 with Brandon JohnsonNovember 18–19, 2024 with Peter West
December 3–4, 2024 with Greg Glosson
December 18–19, 2024 with Marion Napoleon

Online | Self-Paced (no cost)

How to Earn Your Accredited Buyer's Representative (ABR®) Designation


Be a Member of NAR 


Complete the ABR® Designation Course

To become certified, you must be a member of the National Association of REALTORS® in good standing.

Complete the two-day ABR® Designation Course online, in-person, or in a live virtual format.


Complete an Elective Course


Finalize Transactions as a Buyer Rep

Submit Your Application


Complete one qualifying elective course online,
in-person or in a virtual format. 

To qualify as an ABR®, you must have completed five transactions as a buyer's rep in your career. Exceptions apply in certain cases. 

Once you have fulfilled all of the requirements, submit your application to become an ABR® through our online form.

Benefits of the Accredited Buyer's Representative (ABR®) Designation

Use of ABR® Logo and Name

Special Listing in Online Directories

Receive differentiation as an ABR® in the online directories at realtor.com® and nar.realtor.

Promote yourself to prospective homebuyers as an Accredited Buyer's Representative.

ABR® Marketing Materials

Access to the ABR® Community

Join over 10,000 Accredited Buyer's Representatives in the private ABR® Networking and Referrals Group on Facebook.

Utilize our professionally-designed 

promotional materials, which can be customized with your name and contact information.

Exclusive Publications and Newsletters

You'll receive the bi-monthly ABR® publication, Today's Buyer's Rep, and the weekly TBR HotSheet e-newsletter.

What Learners Are Saying About the ABR® Course

“I learned how I need to change the way I describe my compensation to the buyer and the changes that are coming to our profession. Also, I need to do a better job on consultations pre-house hunting.” 

Laura Vinson


"I learned so many new ways to be an even better representative for buyers, which in turn helps serving on the listing side. Fantastic class! So much was learned: how to have a better buyer interview process, telling them to talk with home insurance agent asap!, not being afraid to ask more questions, the importance of buyer broker agreement for both sides, and the changes coming in compensation — wow!"

Colleen Feuling


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